January Challenge

Closing Remarks

Hey, Writers!

Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic display of creative discipline and focus over the last month.  Making writing a true habit, and not just something you do ‘when the mood strikes’ or ‘when you’re feeling inspired,’ is one of the first and most critical steps you can take towards really embracing writing as a pursuit.  When you read through the habits and practices of the pantheon of the world’s most successful writers, you’ll find they almost all share two things in common: they read A LOT, and they write every single day.  Well, you are on your way to adopting one of those skills into your repertoire!

If you are more of a hobbyist writer, hopefully the challenge of trying to write every day still brought you some value!  Even if commercial success, publication, or getting printed in a magazine isn’t one of your goals, writing every day can still be an amazingly fulfilling practice.  It provides a creative outlet for your most authentic inner voice, gives you space to explore ideas and contemplate themes and values, or can just be a way to quietly entertain yourself on a rainy afternoon.  I will always maintain that any day I get to write is better than a day I don’t get to…

And when you write every day, it can have the effect of elevating your thinking and engagement with daily life.