Author Mindset Mastery Course

Welcome to Author Mindset Mastery!

The secret to starting and finishing your novel isn’t how well you write. It’s how well you think.

Discover how to get started when you don’t want to, reach a pro level fast, and use the dead simple formula for success to achieve your dream job without spending thousands of dollars on education.

If you ever find yourself:

  • Constantly rewriting but never finishing
  • Fantasizing about writing more than actually writing
  • Feeling pressured or overwhelmed by the task of writing a book

You’re not alone. This course is for those who have a story to tell but struggle with the confidence and self-discipline to write it.

This bite-sized, knowledge-filled course will shift you into a professional author mindset in 3 hours.

It’s designed to be as efficient as possible, so you can get back to what’s important—writing.

The following lessons are presented in video form, with optional subtitles. I’ve also included transcripts below each video to make the information easily searchable should you like to review specific passages.

For best learning, I recommend you watch with a pen and paper handy to take notes. This course contains nearly 3 hours of video, and while you could reasonably watch it all in one afternoon, I suggest you break it up, implement what you learn, and allow the information to percolate in your subconscious. You can retake the course as often as you like.

I’ve worked hard to create something of value for you. Feel free to tell your friends if you find it useful, but please do not share the video links with anyone. By holding a Premium membership you are directly helping to support Elegant Literature and new writers worldwide.

Thank you for investing in yourself and your writing.

This training is available to Premium members only. Thank you for supporting Elegant Literature and new writers around the world.

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