April Challenge

Get Comfortable Recording Yourself

Some of us still have the romantic image of the cloistered writer tucked cozily away in their oaky study, a globe and antique bookends on their desk next to a personal library of leatherbound books.  They live in relative seclusion, all their focus dedicated to the words on the page and the click-clack of their typewriter.  It is a quiet life, but one suited to their quiet personality.

In today’s day and age of digital town squares and communities, writers cannot afford to be as secluded.  Their audiences, especially for indie and self-published authors (although not exclusively so) demand a certain degree of access and interaction.  With social media and podcasts becoming a more viable form of marketing and promotion, it is becoming increasingly essential to have a robust and active relationship with your readers.  This does not necessarily mean posting every single day like an influencer—although there are some advantages to this to be discussed in a future challenge—it does mean developing a certain confidence and savvy behind the mic and camera.

And we can be honest with ourselves: it’s awkward to listen to our own voice or watch a video of ourselves.  We hyper-focus on little idiosyncrasies, like saying ‘um’ too often, or touching our face constantly.  And…