Elegant Literature has designed a program to help you succeed as an author.

Not only will it help you write consistently, but you will also cultivate effective writing habits, sharpen your storytelling skills, and expand your author platform.

12 Monthly Challenges

Each month, we’ll introduce a new challenge focused on a different aspect of writing or the business of being an author. From character development to genre-bending, from editing to collaborative writing, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also learn how to effectively use social media to grow your author platform, connect with readers, and much more.

It’s going to be a big and exciting year.

You can choose to participate in only the ones you’re excited about, or commit to all 12 and start stacking some serious skills.

Now, because we believe in the power of community and education, this won’t be the kind of challenge where you’re set a task and left alone to complete it. Each challenge includes guidance, lessons, and live sessions to interact with your peers, myself, and Challenge Coordinator Ryan Cipriani.

They are designed to be fun, informative, and, well, challenging.

(but not too hard!)

If you are joining us partway through the month, jump in and participate anyway!

The Challenges

January: The Habit of Consistency

February: Ideation & Creativity