Complex Magic Design

Complex Magic Design

Designing a magic system is easy. Designing a robust magic system that stands up to scrutiny? A little harder. Designing a robust, complex magic system that stands up to scrutiny without overpowering its own story? A lot harder.

And also a lot more fun.

There is no clear-cut right path to designing a complex magic system, and you shouldn’t trust anyone who tells you there is, but there absolutely is more substantive advice beyond mere tips and tricks – though John Bierce has a good few of those to offer as well. Complex Magic System Design dives into taxonomic studies, game design, real-world science, systems modeling, and even literary analysis in an effort to offer useful frameworks and starting points for putting way too many moving parts into your magic.

About John Bierce

John Bierce is a fantasy novelist, history and science buff, SFF fan, and general all-around dork. He currently lives near the beach in Vietnam and tries to spend at least an hour every day in the hammock. By the time he’s old, he wants to have spent at least a year of his life having lain in hammocks.

John has 43,000 ratings across 14 books on Goodreads and has been a full-time author for over 5 years.

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