Hugo Award Reading List 2024

Elegant Literature published some fantastic stories in 2023.

The fact we are a magazine exclusive to new writers has not diminished the quality of the work in the slightest. Quite the opposite: many of those receiving their first publication through us are clearly meant to be professional storytellers.

A stepping stone on that path is receiving recognition, and while we give out our own award, nominating your favorite stories for the Hugos is a wonderful way to support the talent coming out of Elegant Literature.

This post will highlight the eligible stories we’ve published in 2023, and explain the nomination process.

Eligible Stories

The Hugos are a global Science Fiction and Fantasy award. I have compiled a list of all eligible works, their authors, word counts, and issue numbers in a handy spreadsheet.

You can read it by clicking here.

Reread your favorites, check out the ones you missed, and consider nominating the best. Remember, each story is 2000 words or less and can be nominated for the Best Short Fiction category.

Also, Elegant Literature is eligible to be nominated in the Best Semi-prozine category, and I (Creag Munroe) am eligible for the Best Editor (Short Form) category.

How to Nominate

The Hugos are awarded in 2024 for works published in 2023.

Nominations happen from January to March of 2024.

From all the nominations, a final ballot of 6 is created.

Final voting happens between April and July, depending on when that year’s Worldcon is held.

Worldcon is the annual convention of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS).

All members of the 2024 Worldcon are allowed to nominate and vote on the final ballot.

The 2024 Worldcon will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, but you do not have to attend to become a member.

Membership costs £45 and gives you both nomination and voting privileges in the 2024 Hugo Awards.

What Else Can I Do?

Voting members are aware that nominations are upcoming. They are thinking of the best stories they’ve read this year and looking for any they might have missed.

The best way to help the authors of Elegant Literature is to spread the word about your favorite stories. Mention them on social media. Recommend them to your writing groups.

Many people, like November’s guest judge A.C. Wise, have compiled reading lists to help eligible stories get seen. Adding Elegant Literature stories to these lists will go a long way to helping our authors get nominated.

It’s important to mention that excessive campaigning or soliciting votes is a big no-no. Praise the stories you love and encourage people to read the magazine, but allow the merit of individual pieces to earn a nomination on their own.

Final Thoughts

The talent coming out of Elegant Literature is astounding for a magazine focused purely on new writers.

Everyone, even the great and famous household names, had to start somewhere. I have seen the drive and determination our authors have, and it shows in their work. I’m proud of this community.

If you enjoyed any of the stories we published through 2023, I encourage you to revisit them on the list above, and if you think they deserve higher accolades, nominate them!

And as always, keep writing.

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