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Zylla Black

Zylla Black

I'm absolutely blown away to have been published by you twice now, let alone to have won an award. Last month was actually the first short story I've ever submitted for publication anywhere.

Award-winning Author, Katabasis

Karisa Stapp

Karisa Stapp

I just started getting serious about my writing this year, and this has been such a cool resource. I'm excited to keep going!

Author, Devil’s Draw

Learn advanced writing and publishing techniques.

Steve Lance

Steve Lance

I don't know who, but some writer, ten years from now, will be interviewed about how they succeeded, and your name will be mentioned.

Author, Zero-Tolerance

Dozens of hours of training by award-winning authors, agents, editors, and more.

Creag Munroe

Hi, I’m Creag. I’m a story nerd. My students have written novels in 24 days, and gone on to trade- and self-publish their work. I’m also the editor-in-chief of Elegant Literature magazine and award for new writers.

The publishing industry is stacked against new authors, so I decided to only publish emerging talent. 24 months later, I’ve put over $100,000 into the hands of writers around the globe.

Over 165 authors have published their first story through Elegant Literature. Hundreds more are honing their skills through live trainings with industry pros.

If you can learn from those who have already succeeded, you can release your full capabilities.

But here’s the harsh truth about writing great stories:

It takes dedication and persistence.

With roughly 8 books published per minute, this is a tough industry to break into.

Most writers don’t want to hear this, but here it is:

Focusing on consistent personal growth will make you a better author.

You have to approach writing and publishing with the same attitude as learning any other skill.

The best way to do it is to learn from experts who have already done it. 

Otherwise, you’re just reinventing the wheel, and no one has time for that 🙂

How does this work?

I bring professionals from every part of the industry together to share their knowledge with the next generation.

From award-winning authors to Hollywood screenwriters, self-published masters to agents in the trenches, all looking to help you achieve your dream career.

You don’t need to write in isolation or struggle to learn what works.

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