Introducing Monthly Challenges

Do you have a writing-related New Year’s Resolution?

Maybe you want to write more consistently, get more words down in a day, or craft more compelling tales.

I know from personal experience how exciting this can be to begin, and how challenging it is to continue.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about the new program Elegant Literature has designed to help you succeed.

Not only will it help you write consistently, but you will also cultivate effective writing habits, sharpen your storytelling skills, and expand your author platform.

Beginning January 1st, our community will begin monthly writing challenges specifically created to advance your career.

You can choose to participate in only the ones you’re excited about, or commit to all 12 and start stacking some serious skills.

Now, because we believe in the power of community and education, this won’t be the kind of challenge where you’re set a task and left alone to complete it. Each challenge includes guidance, lessons, and live sessions to interact with your peers, myself, and Challenge Coordinator Ryan Cipriani.

They are designed to be fun, informative, and, well, challenging.

(but not too hard!)

Join us, and by this time next year I guarantee you’ll be impressed with how far you’ve come.

Month One: The Consistency Challenge – this January, we’re kickstarting your journey with a focus on consistency.


Because the secret sauce to writing isn’t just talent or inspiration, it’s the discipline to write regularly. This is the #1 resolution authors make on New Year’s, and one of the hardest to maintain beyond the first or second week.

Part of the problem is doing it on your own. Another part is setting unattainable goals.

But problems can be solved, and by the end of this month, you’ll be closer to making writing a natural part of your daily life, as routine as brushing your teeth.

The Power of Consistency: January’s Game-Changer

Consistency is the heartbeat of writing. It’s about showing up, day after day, and putting words to paper. This month, we’ll explore techniques to make writing a habit that sticks.

What’s In Store?

1. 4x Weekly Write-In & Motivation Sessions: Join us live to write stories, talk shop, and maintain motivation. Drop-in style, come when you can. We’ll have a quiet “Writing Room”, and one for lively (maybe even boisterous) discussion.

2. DIY NaNoWriMo: Ever tried National Novel Writing Month in November but found it crazy hard to write 1700 words a day? Tone it down by setting goals based on personal word count and and your busy life. Come away satisfied instead of discouraged.

3. Guided Goals: Seasoned writers may know what they’re capable of, but those just starting out can struggle to find their sweet spot. We’ll start off easy, and gradually increase the challenge level each week. This is about building a consistent habit, not finishing the book and burning out.

4. Daily Writing Prompts: Each day, you’ll receive a prompt designed to spark your creativity and get those words flowing. Use them if you want, or keep plugging words into your WIP.

5. Community Support: Connect with fellow participants in our community. Share your progress, exchange ideas, and cheer each other on.

6. The Word Tracker: A tool to help you monitor your daily writing habits and see your progress. Keep it private or tally in public on the group tracker.

7. A Rewarding Finish: They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. If you stick with us for 31, you’ll be well on your way to the best writing year of your life. Prizes will be available for everyone who writes every day or hits their word goal.

Why Consistency Matters

Consistency in writing does more than just increase your word count. It sharpens your skills, deepens your ideas, and builds your confidence as a writer. It’s about weaving writing into the fabric of your life until it becomes a natural part of your day.

Beyond January: A Year of Growth

Each month, we’ll introduce a new challenge focused on a different aspect of writing or the business of being an author. From character development to genre-bending, from editing to collaborative writing, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also learn how to effectively use social media to grow your author platform, connect with readers, and much more.

It’s going to be a big and exciting year.

How It Works

The January Challenge Page can be found here (will open Jan 1st).

Most months will have a way for everyone to participate, with some aspects exclusive to Premium members of Elegant Literature.

In January, everyone can access the Challenge area of the Discord, use the writing prompts, and indicate a successfully hit goal for the day.

Premium members will have access to the Word Tracker, multiple weekly write-ins, and guided goal-setting lessons hosted by Ryan. They are also eligible to receive completion prizes.

Even if you only have time to jot down a quick sentence on your phone while you walk to the bus, that’s enough to build a habit of consistency. I encourage you to join the fun.

Remember, every great story started somewhere. Yours starts here, with the decision to write, one day at a time. Let’s make 2024 a year of well-told stories, dreams realized, and words that live on long after the ink dries.

As you embark on this journey, remember that writing is a personal exploration, a way of capturing the world as only you can see it. The Elegant Literature 12-Month Writing Challenge is not just about improving your craft; it’s about discovering your unique voice and sharing it with the world.

This is your year. Write it well.

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