January Challenge

Closing Remarks

Hey, Writers!

Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic display of creative discipline and focus over the last month.  Making writing a true habit, and not just something you do ‘when the mood strikes’ or ‘when you’re feeling inspired,’ is one of the first and most critical steps you can take towards really embracing writing as a pursuit.  When you read through the habits and practices of the pantheon of the world’s most successful writers, you’ll find they almost all share two things in common: they read A LOT, and they write every single day.  Well, you are on your way to adopting one of those skills into your repertoire!

If you are more of a hobbyist writer, hopefully the challenge of trying to write every day still brought you some value!  Even if commercial success, publication, or getting printed in a magazine isn’t one of your goals, writing every day can still be an amazingly fulfilling practice.  It provides a creative outlet for your most authentic inner voice, gives you space to explore ideas and contemplate themes and values, or can just be a way to quietly entertain yourself on a rainy afternoon.  I will always maintain that any day I get to write is better than a day I don’t get to…

And when you write every day, it can have the effect of elevating your thinking and engagement with daily life.

Thanks again for sharing the journey of this first challenge together.  I’m certain some days felt like a grind, but it is my hope you walk away feeling excited and inspired to carry this practice forward.  While we have a LOT of really cool challenges planned for the year ahead, this one is irrecoverably foundational.  No matter how many ideas you generate, how strong a social media strategy you concoct, what author you study or what skills you read about- without having an outlet for those things, they’ll just stay trapped in your brain.

So keep writing.  And keep sharing.

Awesome work everyone!


Made a New Year’s Resolution to write more? We’ll help you make it a daily habit that sticks for the full year and beyond.

The secret sauce to writing isn’t just talent or inspiration, it’s the discipline to write regularly. This is the #1 resolution authors make on New Year’s and one of the hardest to maintain beyond the first or second week.

Part of the problem is doing it on your own. Another part is setting unattainable goals.

But problems can be solved, and by the end of this month, you’ll be closer to making writing a natural part of your daily life, as routine as brushing your teeth.

Intro Video with Ryan Cipriani

The Power of Consistency: January’s Game-Changer

Consistency is the heartbeat of writing. It’s about showing up, day after day, and putting words to paper. This month, we’ll explore techniques to make writing a habit that sticks.

What’s In Store?

1. 4x Weekly Write-In & Motivation Sessions: Join us live to write stories, talk shop, and maintain motivation. Drop-in style, come when you can. We’ll have a quiet “Writing Room”, and one for lively (maybe even boisterous) discussion.

2. DIY NaNoWriMo: Ever tried National Novel Writing Month in November but found it crazy hard to write 1700 words a day? Tone it down by setting goals based on personal word count and and your busy life. Come away satisfied instead of discouraged.

3. Guided Goals: Seasoned writers may know what they’re capable of, but those just starting out can struggle to find their sweet spot. We’ll start off easy, and gradually increase the challenge level each week. This is about building a consistent habit, not finishing the book and burning out.

4. Daily Writing Prompts: Each day, you’ll receive a prompt designed to spark your creativity and get those words flowing. Use them if you want, or keep plugging words into your WIP.

5. Community Support: Connect with fellow participants in our community. Share your progress, exchange ideas, and cheer each other on.

6. The Word Tracker: A tool to help you monitor your daily writing habits and see your progress. Keep it private or tally in public on the group tracker.

7. A Rewarding Finish: They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. If you stick with us for 31, you’ll be well on your way to the best writing year of your life. Prizes will be available for everyone who writes every day or hits their word goal.

How It Works

Everyday, log on to the Discord community, say hi, go write one sentence, come back and write “Done”. To begin, that’s all you need to do!

Everyone can access the Challenge area of our Discord community, use the writing prompts, and indicate a successfully hit goal for the day.

Premium members will have access to the Word Tracker, multiple weekly write-ins, and guided goal-setting lessons hosted by Ryan. They are also eligible to receive completion prizes.

Below is everything you need.

Premium Challenge Area

This training is available to Premium members only. Thank you for supporting Elegant Literature and new writers around the world.

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