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Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

  • Master the business of storytelling: Go from beginner to advanced techniques in writing, storytelling, and publishing, guided by our roster of industry professionals.

  • Level up your fiction: Dial in your abilities by writing new stories for our magazine, award, challenges, and games each month.

  • Join the next generation of emerging authors: Surround yourself with a supportive community to celebrate wins and help you grow.

  • Get published and paid like a professional: We’re exclusively for new writers, so you won’t be competing against big name authors, but you’ll still earn a pro rate for your work.

By joining us, you’ll be able to cultivate a writing life that jumpstarts your career.

Meet The Pros:

Award-winning authors, agents, editors, publishers, podcasters, Hollywood screenwriters, bloggers, writing coaches, and more.

  • 30+ hours of courses: Our library of education is constantly growing

  • Decades of combined experience: Acquire knowledge from across the industry

  • Live trainings weekly: Meet the experts and ask your most burning questions

  • Series and stand-alone lessons: Everything you need for a successful author career.

Trainings include: Actionable Agent Advice, Self Pub Prep, Scene Critique Masterclass, Funny Business, Publishing For Non-Pros, Using Kickstarter as an Author, Understanding Contracts, Adding Depth to Characters, and so much more.


Make Your First Pages Shine – Kaitlyn Katsoupis

Funny Business (Craft of Humor Writing) – Shiv Ramdas

Art of Short Stories – Chris Fielden

Flash Fiction Writing – Chris Fielden

Authentic Diversity – Bharat Krishnan

Fantasy Worldbuilding – Ben Galley

On Chaos and Short Stories – Ai Jiang

Scene Critique Masterclass – C.S. Lakin

Radical Candor – Bharat Krishnan

The 4 Throughlines – Jim Hull

Outlining with AI – Jim Hull

Creating Characters with Depth – A.C. Wise

Nom Nom Nom (Food in Fiction) – Bharat Krishnan

Family Matters – Bharat Krishnan

LORE: Using Past to Build Future – Bharat Krishnan

Complex Magic Design – John Bierce

Science-inspired Fantasy Worldbuilding – John Bierce

Effective Research for Worldbuilding – John Bierce

Tension & Misdirection – Lyndsey Croal

Writing Isolated Settings – Lyndsey Croal

Folklore & Retellings – Lyndsey Croal

Starting Strong: Fantastic Opening Lines – Lindz McLeod

Poor Unfortunate Souls: Villain Origin Stories – Lindz McLeod

Writing Fight Scenes – Tao Wong

3 Levels of Stakes For Reader Investment – Hannah Yang

Rare POVs Case Study – Hannah Yang

The Art of Horror Series (Gorgeous Imagery, Building Unforgettable Settings,  Exquisite Prose: Beauty in Horror Writing) – Christi Nogle

Finding The Voice: First Person POV – Jordan Kurella



Author Mindset Mastery Course – Creag Munroe

Become a Prolific Author – Creag Munroe

Managing (and Overcoming) Writer’s Block – Ryan Cipriani

The Varied Writing Habits of Successful Authors – Ryan Cipriani

How to Set Author Goals – Hannah Yang

Emotional Self Care For Writers – Jordan Kurella



How to Make Money Writing – Chris Fielden

Writing & Publishing Short Fiction – A.C. Wise

Publishing for Non-Pros – Oghenechovwe D. Ekpeki

Agent-Ready Synopsis – Kaitlyn Katsoupis

What an Agent Actually Does – Kaitlyn Katsoupis

Understanding Contracts – Peter McLean

Email Marketing for Authors – Richie Billing

Self-Pub Prep Course – Ryan Cipriani

Query Letters – Kaitlyn Katsoupis

Self-Publishing the Right Way – Ben Galley

Using Kickstarter as an Author – Ben Galley

Strong Marketing Foundations – Ben Galley

Effective Facebook Ads – Andy Peloquin

New Writer Hurdles, Starting Out, & What Publishing Entails – Somto Izehue

Putting Together A Short Story Collection – Lyndsey Croal

Marketing Strategies for Authors 101 – Tao Wong

Promotional Planning & Publishing Schedules – Tao Wong

On a mission to help emerging authors now

An impactful, positive force to change the publishing world for the better.


Into the hands of new authors in under 2 years.

Over 200 stories published.

All by emerging talent earning their first few professional writing credits.

Monthly Award

$3000 award granted every single month.

27+ winners to date.

2 authors winning on their very first submission, anywhere.

Fast Turnaround

1 month response after submission window.

Exclusive rights expire quickly. Resell your story 2 months after publication.

Always open for subs.

What’s inside Elegant Literature?

$3000 Award

One of the largest awards open to unpublished writers and closed to professionals.

  • Every single month: Not annually – monthly. And no 6 month judging periods either. Know the results fast.

  • Unlimited entries: Some contests charge as much as $25 per submission, but not us.

  • All Genres: Every month has a theme and a prompt to get your imagination going, but you can always write the story you want to tell.

  • Honorable Mentions: 35 writers receive money every month.

The AuthorHQ

Even if you’re brand new to writing, you can learn what you need for a successful career, fast.

  • Better than a blog: Instructional articles covering Writing & Storytelling, Business & Publishing, and Lifestyle & Mindset

  • Live Trainings: All that expert knowledge we talked about earlier

  • On demand education: Learn at your own pace, about the topics you’re most interested in

  • Continuously updated: 30+ hours of recorded lessons, tons of articles, with more added every week

Community Workshop

Get support, celebrate wins, and grow together with the next generation of fiction authors.

  • Choose your feedback: Separate areas for Only Nice Things and Tear It To Shreds

  • Historical Database: We log all questions and interesting discussions, so you can learn from conversations in years past

  • White-glove writing groups: We’ll place you in a small, dedicated group of 5 according to your preferences. Fully managed by us, just write

  • Grow your socials: Connect with members via our social media spreadsheet and build an audience together

Exclusive Bonuses

We’re always evolving and looking for new ways to help emerging authors.

  • Partner discounts: $400+ in savings on editors and services like Scrivener and ProWritingAid

  • Meet the editor: The editor participates in the community and trainings, and answers your questions

  • Free ebook: The Award-Winning Short Story Master Checklist has helped hundreds improve their fiction

  • Support the revolution: Directly help make the publishing world a more welcoming place for budding talent. Have a say in what we do next

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