Letter From The Editor: What’s On In February

Hello my friends!

Lots of info in this letter, so make sure to read it through.


Elegant Literature is coming up to 50,000 lifetime downloads! It’s a relatively arbitrary number, but still exciting to me. We’ve come a long way in the last 2 years and I couldn’t be more proud and grateful. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way.

A reminder that many of our authors, along with myself as editor, and Elegant Literature in the semi-prozine category, are eligible to be nominated for the Hugo Awards this year. If you have a favorite story from 2023, consider nominating them for this award. You can see the full list of eligible stories here.

I and several members of our community will be attending the awards in person at Glasgow WorldCon in August. Let me know if you’ll be there!

Folks keep telling me the writing in EL is strong, and this year we’ll be focused on nominating our authors for every award in every genre we can. Keep up the great work!

Finally, new issues will soon be available in accessible ebook format for those of you who prefer to read that way. We’ll also begin distribution through Amazon and other platforms in an effort to get yet more readers for our new authors. Back issues will be turned into ebooks throughout this year.


Next, Flawed Futures closing tonight marks the last time I will be head judge, possibly forever, at least for a long time. I’m pleased to say we have a roster of guests stretching the rest of this year and into 2025!

On that note, Bram Stoker award-winning author Christi Nogle will be joining us as guest judge for February! More info about Christi in the coming days, but in keeping with our tradition, her training this weekend will be free for all members to attend.


Three exciting trainings are scheduled in Feb, with a possible fourth to be added soon. Here they are:

February 3: The Art of Horror I (Gorgeous Imagery) with Christi Nogle

February 10: Nom Nom Nom: Food in Fiction with Bharat Krishnan

February 24: Finding the Voice: First Person POV with Jordan Kurella

Click the links to learn more about each training.


January’s Consistency challenge was a roaring success. A big thank you to everyone who participated and made it such a fun time! You can see Ryan’s closing remarks along with a short video here.

Tomorrow marks the start of the February challenge. Ideation & Creativity. This is a fun one you won’t want to miss. As Ryan said, “What we have planned for next month’s challenge is something I wish I could have done when I started seriously writing years ago!”

Everyone can participate in the challenge, with special bonuses for Premium members. See what’s in store here.

That’s all for now. Go get those stories submitted.

Happy writing!

To your success,

—Creag Munroe

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