Master The Art of Short Stories.

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This 40-page mega guide is for writers who want to publish top-notch work. You’ll find full explanations and examples to help you write an award-winning short story, written by the people who give awards to short stories.

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Elegant Literature is a short fiction magazine and contest exclusive to new writers. We pay professional rates and help unpublished writers get their work into the world. We believe in helping aspiring writers break into the competitive fiction industry.

We’re the community to join if you are looking to start your writing journey and become a published author.

Reviewing the finalists for the @ElegantLit fiction contest now! Great springboard for a career.

— Hugo, Nebula, and Locus award-winning author Max Gladstone, Oct / Nov 2021 judge

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$3,500 Short Story Contests

Monthly short story contests for new writers only. Win prizes and get your work published in our magazine.

$400+ in Partner Bonuses

Save money on writing tools like Scrivener and ProWritingAid. Members also get massively discounted prices for professional editing.

Private Critique Community

Get feedback on your work from other writers. Improve your storycraft by giving and receiving critiques in a private, positive setting.

Exclusive to New Writers

Most competitions and magazines allow pros to submit work, making the industry competitive and difficult to break into. We focus on publishing new talent only.

All for only $10/month.

Special bonus #1: Award-Winning Short Story Master Checklist included free with your membership.
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Improve your skills and launch your career with our community of new writers

Earn professional rates when we publish your work

The current minimum payment rate for professional fiction markets is 8 cents per word. We want to reward new writers, so we pay our contributors 10c/word.

This means publication with us can earn you credit towards joining the SFWA, a professional writers organization.

Write stories in your favourite genre

All we care about is getting new authors published, so we accept stories in all genres. We publish fantasy right alongside contemporary lit, romance next to horror.

That’s not typical for a fiction magazine, but we don’t want to be typical. We have hundreds of readers who agree with us… storycraft is more important than genre.

Have your work-in-progress reviewed by other writers

Our members get access to a private Writers Workshop. Have others proofread and critique your work before submitting the story to the magazine or contest.

Our private critique community is just that, private. Any work you post for review is not considered published online, so you can submit it to any publication you want.

Enter the contests to win big prizes

Every month we host contests with great prizes. University students with no publication history have won $20,000. Each month has a new, fun theme to challenge you to write something unique.

The best part is, professionals aren’t allowed to enter. If you are a new writer, your chances to win a literary award have never been better.

and there's more

Members receive massive discounts on popular tools for improving their writing life. Get exclusive savings like…
…with more discounts added every month. The current total savings is over $400!
Plus special bonus #1:
Award-Winning Short Story Master Checklist included free with your membership.
And special bonus #2:
Sign up today and receive our unique “No Stress Guarantee”―if you don’t enter the contest this month, your next month is free.

All for only $10/month.

for writers, by writers.

Professional Pay

Professional pay for short fiction is 8 cents per word. We pay 10.

Private Submissions

Unlike some contests that publish all entries on their website, we keep them private, unless you choose to share them in the members-only area that functions as a critique group. If we don't purchase your work you are free to sell it elsewhere.

Write In Any Genre

We care about storycraft above all. The monthly prompt may affect what you write about, but feel free to genre bend. In fact, the best work often blurs the line.

Amazing Response Time

Unlike other magazines who take unreasonable amounts of time, you will always know if your submission was accepted by the end of the month.

Community Workshop

Members can get feedback from other writers and improve their work before submitting to the contest.

Streamlined Submissions

Gone are the days of query letters and risky contracts. We have simplified everything, making sure all terms are favorable for the author.


Have you ever waited months for a rejection letter, or published on profit-sharing sites and earned pennies? Let’s not even discuss writing contests with two-thousand dollar prizes that charge 75 bucks to enter. You put up with a lot as a writer, wherever you choose to publish.  At Elegant Literature, we’ve combined the best bits and tossed the rest.

Your membership allows you unlimited entries into all our contests. Even if you don’t win, we may still buy your work to publish in our magazine for rates that qualify you as a professional. You’ll never have to wait more than a month after a competition closes to know whether we accepted you or not. 

Submissions are kept private and aren’t considered published, so even if we don’t buy your story, you can still sell it to another magazine or post it on a profit-share site. You own all the rights.

Our prize-fund and ability to purchase fiction grows with our membership, so you always have a good chance at publication.

Finally, we can’t stand the idea of “rights-grabbing” or shady contracts, and negotiating is a hassle for everyone. We believe in rewarding excellent work, not penny-pinching. Our streamlined submission process removes irritating aspects such as query letters and submission limits and heavily favors the author.

Only $10/month.

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