For those who have a story to tell but struggle with the confidence and self-discipline to write it.

The secret to starting and finishing your novel isn’t how well you write.
It’s how well you think.

Discover how to get started when you don’t want to, reach a pro level fast, and use the dead simple formula for success to achieve your dream job without spending thousands of dollars on education.

If you ever find yourself:

  • Constantly rewriting but never finishing
  • Fantasizing about writing more than actually writing
  • Feeling pressured or overwhelmed by the task of writing a book

You’re not alone.

These are common problems for writers, especially those just beginning their careers.

Left unchecked, these issues can hinder your growth and negatively impact your progress as an author.

You will suffer greatly from over-analyzing your writing, have a tendency to be hyper-critical of your first draft, and become paralyzed by your own judgemental thoughts.

You end up as your own worst enemy, before ever getting started.

But it’s avoidable.

With the right mindset, you can skip past these internal blocks and supercharge your writing.

You don’t need to suffer from low-confidence or lack of self-discipline.

You can adopt the attitude of a professional, right from the start.

So to whoever has stumbled on this page,

for the rest of your valuable time here, I want you to do 3 things:

  1. Be completely honest with yourself about your recent progress.

  2. Think about your goals as a storyteller and how fast you want to reach them.

  3. Don’t be quick to pass on something just because it appears like it might be out of your comfort zone.

Read to the end, and consider taking me up on my unique “Inspiration Guarantee”.

The Inner-Critic Holds You Back

When I take on new novel-writing clients, I usually hear one of two things:

  1. I’ve had a story in my head for years, but it feels so hard to start it.

  2. I go back and forth between the “I want to write a book!” and “Don’t waste your time!” mindsets, and end up not writing.

Both of these boil down to the same thing.

What these people are really saying is:

“I’m afraid to write because I might be bad at it.”

They are hung up on the idea they need to have the perfect story in their head before starting the project.

Their inner critic is causing them to doubt their writing without reason.

Fortunately, this line of thinking isn’t permanent.

Many of my clients struggled for months—sometimes years—before speaking to me.

With the right strategies, and a little guidance, they were able to overcome their troubles.

They were able to sit down and get to work.

One of my clients went from idea to finished draft in 24 days.

She followed it up with a novella one month later.

It had little to do with her skill as a writer, and everything to do with mastering her mindset as an author.

If you want to experience similar results, read the next section with an open mind.

Success Is Internal

Commercial success as an author is out of your control.

You can’t force people to buy your book.

Even if you stood in the bookstore and bribed them to get it, you still couldn’t force them to like it.

Defining your success based on sales is a losing strategy.

Instead, redefine success as personal improvement.

You can bet my client from earlier felt incredibly successful after finishing 2 books, regardless of whether they sold.

Factors like consistency and progress are within your control.

The professional author doesn’t hinge their worth on what others think of them, but on how well they can dedicate themselves to their work.

Writing skills will improve with time and practice, but that requires you to approach your craft with the right attitude.

Studying books on story structure, character arcs, and effective pacing won’t do any good if you’re not in the right frame of mind to apply them properly and grow as an author.

Most writers develop this attitude slowly through trial and error—if they don’t get frustrated and quit first.

But those who take the time to get their thoughts in order and set a strong foundation…

They unlock a superpower.

The Counter-Intuitive Approach To Thinking Like A Professional Author

Most aspiring authors consume content focused on improving their craft.

Most craft books are focused on… well, techniques to write well.

They gloss over—or entirely leave out—strategies for thinking like a pro.

The ones that do touch on mindset often have a narrow focus.

But education is best when it draws from a wide array of source material. A multi-disciplinary approach rounds out learning and allows you to think through a problem from different angles.

That’s why I used my background in business, productivity, and education to pull ideas and strategies from a variety of industries.

I discovered unique insights that help authors master their professional mindset.

Insights my clients and students use to accelerate their careers.


I’ve spent thousands of hours researching to develop these ideas—there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

But if that doesn’t appeal to you…

If you want to fast track your journey…

You have options.

You could hire a coach, but that can get expensive.

It also takes time.

Instead, you can take advantage of the research and teaching I’ve already done—without the price tag.

I’ve compiled what I’ve taught my clients…

and added some new material…

To create a short but information-packed video course designed to get you thinking like a pro as soon as possible.

Author Mindset Mastery

Strategies For Success Before Putting Pen To Paper

Forget 1000 hours of research.

Forget hundreds spent on coaching.

This bite-sized, knowledge-filled course will shift you into a professional author mindset in 2 hours.

It’s designed to be as efficient as possible, so you can get back to what’s important—writing.

In one afternoon, you will learn everything you need through 5 short video modules (plus bonus content):

Module 1: How to guarantee success — examples and case studies from peak performers in various industries, and the repeatable formula for success.

Module 2: Enhancing Motivation and Defeating Procrastination — how to get started and maintain momentum with proven strategies, even when you’re uninspired.

Module 3: Proper Practice — the science behind how and what to focus on to become an expert in any area you choose.

Module 4: Escaping Groundhog Day — avoid the traps and mistakes that hinder your progress, allowing you to improve consistently.

Module 5: The Rinse and Repeat Speed Run — how to utilize community, short feedback loops, and proper critiques to supercharge your growth.

Bonus Module: Emotional, Impactful Fiction — how to make your story stand out and leave a lasting impression on readers by eliciting deep emotions.

No frills or fluff.

Just straight-to-the-point information,

that you can put into practice immediately,

so you can start writing confidently.

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Using the handbook, you’ll translate information from the course into your own experiences, and apply it daily in your writing journey to maintain momentum and re-center when you’ve lost the path.

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Inspiration Guarantee: 

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