Draft your novel in 4 months.

The first draft will feel more like your third, saving you weeks of editing and rewriting. You'll also learn strategies to write 2-3 books per year, every year.

You are an aspiring author...

but have never finished the first draft of a novel, or you have completed a first draft but want to make the process easier and faster for next time.

You want to consistently write page-turning novels readers will love.

We want to help.

You will have a finished manuscript at the end of the program, even if you start from scratch. That’s a guarantee. This is not another fluff course you’ll get halfway through before forgetting about. We want to make a real impact.

1-1 Support

It’s like having a writing partner, but you keep ownership of all the work! Seriously, we’ll check in with you every day if that’s what it takes for you to write your book.


Meet other new, driven fiction authors to share ideas with and celebrate writing milestones. Stay motivated with an enthusiastic group support system.

Instructional content

Lifetime access to written, audio, and video instruction on all aspects of writing a novel, including plotting, pacing, conflict, tension, dialogue, publishing and more.

Lifetime Events

Join write-with-us work sessions and group coaching calls anytime you want for the rest of your career. Free entry to guest lecture events and workshops.

Start with support.

Get help planning and structuring your novel so you know it's great even before you start writing. Minimize getting written into a corner and time spent rewriting.

Write with accountability.

Get more writing done faster with the right strategies and mindset. Learn how to maximize output so every session is productive.

Get out of editing hell.

Instead of spending months rewriting sentences over and over again, spend more time working on plot development and crafting compelling characters!

Publish like a pro.

Get help and guidance on what to do when you finish writing, whether you want to self-publish or go traditional.

The novel writing program is currently in development.

Be the first in line and receive a one-time only launch price.