Our Authors

Moonlit Mysteries

Issue #026

Rowan EvansThe Hook, The Herb and The Hair
Sam GraveneyNight of the Wasps
Michael A. ShoemakerThe Sample
A.K. McCutcheonThe Offerings
Manu St. ThomasUndone
Julianne Louise PerlingWhere the Dark Things Are
Anna HillThe Lavender Gardens
Ian SmithMarginalia
Athena AbramsThe Summer of the Russian Moon
Noah KenisonPayback for Hambone


Madness and Monsters

Issue #025

Rania E.The Stalking Death
Jo de GrootHouse-Wife
Brandon PaulThe Meadow
Noah KenisonDeath Should be Final
Emma BurnettTake away the tears
Mata Haggis-BurridgeUnder the Fallow Fields
T. ParkerThe Barbed Worm
Rory KranzWhat It Learned From the Ones It Took
A.K. McCutcheonFur Baby
Sam GraveneyAlabaster Pig


Progressive Pantheons

Issue #024

Michael AtlinPossession
Isabella AndersonThere’s a God in the Turbine
J. FisherRuins
Zach StylesMine is the voice that gathers the Storm
Victor J. OrtizCertainly!
J.A. SamarThe Wax Eaters
Branko HarpMechanised Fear
Anne WilkinsSequestering Amanda 519
M.P. SiddellInitiation
tamupuwa kambaGas on Fire

Sunken Secrets

Issue #023

Frostie WhineryThe Way The Corpses Sway
Mata Haggis-BurridgeThe fish that holds the secrets of the dead, for the right price
Lua D’OitoSistershell
Emma WangRelics of a Prehistoric Civilization
David BachmanSunken Secrets
Tyler BrinesJormungand
M. P. SiddellRelease
Thomas MeyerWe Don’t Swim There Anymore
E.R.ShawThe Companion
Tara EdwardsThe Blood Orange Grove Beneath the Sea


Devils In The Dark

Issue #022

Mata Haggis-BurridgeEtched Eye
David DennisonThe Night Amos Dell Came To Town
Gracie LyleThe Warlock in the Pantry
TS ArchdeaconBad Apple
Alexa BattlerThe Snowmobile
Celia FournierLike Father, Like Son
Rain SullivanThe Girl Behind the Glass
Casey MurphyNever Play with Mirror Men
Mackenzy KehoeA New Home
D. R. ForgeAngels in the Light



Issue #021

Shelby TappHome
Gracie LyleThe Audition
Conall O’NeillThe Mothership
Grace QuonThe Road Home
Kathryn HealyAtomograd
ArcherDear Everyone
Mircea CioromelaThe Web
Brianna AaronHome is a State of Mind
Dan WilliamsLadybird Tears
Celia FournierLighthouse


Fool's Errand

Issue #020

N. M. LockeThe Greatest Gift
Athena AbramsJust Dust and Hathas
Corinne HarrisonThe end in autumn
Adam WohnoutkaA Nice Guy
Toni Juliette LeonettiBearing Gifts
Brandon PaulSeason of the Crow
NessCake in the Necropolis
Eliza BlackA Woman, A Witch
Richard KunzeTools of the Trade
David DennisonLow Ebb

Shadows and Knives

Issue #019

N. M. LockeMy Murder
Rain SullivanDigger
Ashleigh AdamsThe Last Visit
Katie KoppenhoferDeath Call
Antony PüttschneiderSummoning 101
Nicole WinchesterRehab
C. J. SpearDispose of a Body with this One Weird Trick
Kennith CloptonShadow Walk
Mata Haggis-BurridgeLeather Babydoll
Kathryn HealyLast Night in Marrakesh


Gambler's Grief

Issue #018

Reid KellerA Price for Mochica Gold
Emma Burnett10207
David DennisonTails
Karisa StappDevil’s Draw
Giulia PierpaoliKyanos
moriarttithe color of the ocean
Ashleigh AdamsHere For The Right Reasons
Lloyd EaricksonCharmers
John ForsythSaved
Rain SullivanLuck and Other Things


Behind the veil

Issue #017

Michael Bateman-LeeThe Fortune Teller
Jack MacLellanBeyond the VEIL Protocol
Alex Hawksworth-BrookesUnholy Matrimony
Demetria CrownThe Inventor’s Ingredients
Kev MurdockCrimson Vision
Rose NelsonVeiled Sins
Athena AbramsThe Glimmer
Atsary TiemThe Clock Keeper’s Lament
Ann GoetheDinner and a Date
Levi MichaelPop Gun


All That Glitters

Issue #016

Sara CaraballoAll That Glisters
Gabrielle PollackAntigone’s Dream
Giulia PierpaoliGuest of Honor
Emma KentFool On The Hill
Emma BurnettCome back yesterday
Levi SmithThe Old Timer
Michael BatemanExpensive Taste
Katharina LauknerNew Year, New Me
Megan BeckerGoing for the Gold
Glenn RosadoSupply and Demand


Hearts Ablaze

Issue #015

Corinne HarrisonThe Indalo
Damian BrunnerCall My Name
Emma BurnettOnly babies cry when they get hurt
Michael JeffersonBecoming Adan and Eva
Amalie WadMasquerade
Nicoletta GiuseffiAcross the Line
Kasey FisherNora the Sociopath, Does a Nice Thing
Nikki LittleThe Color of Disorder
Ava SedgwickThe Sculptor
Andrea SpencerDeep Within the Emergent Weeds


World Builders

Issue #014

Evan GillespieThe Seven Words That Killed a God
Ducky S. BloomThe Undoing Insect
Michael Bateman-LeeLyko
C. Ashby WalkerYmir and I
Antony PüttschneiderThe Probability Forge
E. R. EdmundsThe Machine & Its Maker
Nicholas LePardThe World We Built
Colette Des GeorgesThe Imperial Contest
Lucie RejfkováOnes of a kind
Geoff PeelmanWorld Builders

Haunted Hideaways

Issue #013

Kate MichaelsonTarnish
Marley BauerA Visit
Mike LucasThe Haunted Overlook
C. J. SpearBarnaby
Gary MaloneDeincarnation
Ryn FaustWhat’s Your Emergency?
Jessica L. HughsonThe Mark
D. Morgan FieldsThe Chat
Geoff PeelmanNeaper the Reaper
Linda M. ScottSovereign


Forgotten Lands

Issue #012

Jeff SigelOn the Shoulders of Giants
F. C. IronsideHowl’s Journey
Aurora ValkenaarLilyshade
Lori LabotkaThe Castle
Damian BrunnerThe Hunger
Darcy KliewerSolid Flesh
Talis ArchdeaconThe Seed House
Ryn FaustThe Hallway of Stolen Histories
Rebecca RileyThe Soul’s Reach
Alex Hawksworth-BrookesThe Hall of Doors


Killer Instinct

Issue #011

Alison SchillerThe Puppet Maker’s Daughter
Tanja HarleyVictim
Caroline LiOur Story Starts here
Ardaschir ArguellesFacing Frogs
Eóin DooleyCrime & Penance
William BoscoThe Ballerina
Ryn FaustMiracle Cure
Kate MichaelsonAnimals of August
A.H. CreedNever Too Late for Murder
Rafi LimWhat Laid in the Heart of the Forest


Wild Waterways

Issue #010

Connor SmithA Tail of a Fish
J.R. GrahamRuby
Ian MurphyThings in the fog
Emma FlanneryThe Flower Boy
Kerry LadrisThicker than Water
S.R. BroomheadAll I Can Give
Steve LanceZero-Tolerance
Damian BrunnerBelow the Boiler Room
Lindsey YooThe Saviors of Phnom Penh
Michael ChirichellaTwo in the Cave

Fearless Friendship

Issue #009

Darcy KliewerThe Little Square Box
Terra PatrickLife Online
Justin OrrShining in any Light
Evan GillespieSempiternal
Eóin DooleyThe Sun God Got Drunk Again
Rafi LimIt That Sees
Faisal AlamRunning Away
Michael Bateman-LeeSame Time Tomorrow
Kassie KilloughHunt
I.S.La Vie en Rose


Open Road

Issue #008

Caraline AndersonCardinal Direction
Frank HavemannLast Contact
Eric DunnThe Lonely Trucker
Karen EkstromSmall World
Betty BrinkA Vessel For Freedom
Terra PatrickMUTT
Glenn RosadoLefty and Righty
YA GreenfieldA Hero’s Journey
Christy DirksI’ve Got You
Eóin DooleyBlue Middle Fingers


Mirror Image

Issue #007

Lori TanseyThe Art of Reflection
Autumn RainwaterLast Supper in Springborough
Thomas ClaridgeThe Generation Game
Sam GraveneyHeliograph
Maeve ConlonTourist Towns
Eric MillerBreak Point
Quinn SciclunaGilded Youth
Penny FullerInside Out
Hayden HollidaySunsets and Holograms
Tanja HarleyThe Man Who Bought the World


Tricky Time

Issue #006

Prairie GossettTime Management
Alex Hawksworth-BrookesThe Greatest Pirate of All Time
Madeleine ClearyA Fallen Leaf
Terra PatrickTime Well Spent
Eoin Butler ThorntonMountain and Coin
Eóin DooleySolid State Epoch
P. J. SmithWhen the Sky Falls
Alissa LevineKimchi Pancakes
Frank HavemannOne of those days
Stephen FrameAlive

Inescapable Infatuation

Issue #005

Laura McCammonCowgirls Don’t Cry
Melissa StoneComputer Learning and Relationships Analysis
Angel WhelanThe Gods We Worship
Kerry LadrisLost Time
Ava SedgwickSkin Deep
J.M.W. HodgeTyrant’s Tale
Ben AyreThe Perennial Evan Hardy
Gemma Al-KhayatTaste: A Lost Art
Irene C. RebelloLifelines
Marquise WilliamsA Letter to Governor Turner


Dire Days

Issue #004

Lenore JamesOrbiting Eden
Laura McCammonChoking Hazard
K. J. ShepherdThe New World
Thandi RoseShadows and Snowflakes
Dorottya SzaboScrap Metal
Camille SartiFlying Tocsin
Silver MorrisSpare Parts
Ava BlixtLipophilic
Rebecca RileyPavlov’s Best
Terra PatrickThe Final Bell


Merry Magic

Issue #003

Isabel HinchliffLet Your Heart Take Flight
Ashley SchweitzerChristmas Mourning
Andrew CoenenDisillusioned
Adonis Perez-EscobarSPANKED! (The Awakening of Tinky the Elf)
Alex Hawksworth-BrookesThe Trial of Father Christmas
Zylla BlackHoly, Holy, Holy
Aidan James HurrenSanta delivers, every time
Lauren HulmeHome For Christmas
Rebecca RileyThe Dust of Angels
Lauren RachaelSanta Rides the Number Six


Dark Descent

Issue #002

LK GorsuchNala
MourneRoughly 10% of Slaughter Delivered to Home
Dana SarrosDouble Cross
Victoria LukasThe Basement
Hailey ElizaThe Spiral Staircase
Bethan Raeburn MorganEvanishing Amid the Storm
Zylla BlackKatabasis
Silver MorrisHigh Tide
Ashley M. Pizzo1901
Adonis Perez-EscobarA Descent Under Neon Lights

Future Fears

Issue #001

Bastian NeumannKindred
Dana SarrosPsychonaut
Janae PhillipsImpressions
Laura J DentonThe Hidden
Maggie EngstromCarrot Fingers
Finch RimbyThe Last City on Earth
Becca LeeRemember Me
Silver MorrisA Nation Affray
Baden M ChantBaby Loves
C.C. HowardThe New Freedom
Quinn SciclunaSaturn’s Return
Lauren HulmeThe Mask