Scene Critique Masterclass

Taught by C.S. Lakin

In this 8-session masterclass, you’ll learn expert techniques in scene writing and revision. Over a dozen writers’ scenes were analyzed and critiqued in real-time for:

  • microtension
  • sensory detail
  • solid structure
  • rich setting description
  • building to a high moment
  • effective multilayered dialogue
  • character revelation and change
  • and so much more!

Students were given tools to help spot the weak areas in their own scenes and learn exactly what to do to fix them. You can apply these techniques to your own stories! This is your opportunity to peek over a professional editor’s shoulder as they work their magic right before your eyes.

Masterful scene writing is the key to a successful novel! You don’t want to miss this class.

About C.S. Lakin
C. S. Lakin is an award-winning author and blogger at Live Write Thrive. She has twenty novels and ten writing-craft books published. Lakin works full-time as a copyeditor and writing coach. In addition to teaching and speaking at workshops, she offers online video courses and masterclasses for writers and editors at cslakin.teachable.com. Lakin is also the fiction track coordinator of the San Francisco Writers’ Conference. Check out her blogs and websites here: Live Write Thrive, The Self Publisher, and Critique My Manuscript.

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