Self Pub Prep 1

Saturday, May 20th, 1pm EST

Live lesson taught by
Ryan Cipriani

Ryan will take you from finished manuscript to first sale in this 4-part video course. Lesson one will show you how to turn the raw manuscript into a printable package, including cover design and formatting for both paper and e-books. From DIY to hiring an illustrator and book design service, you’ll discover your options for every budget level.

About Ryan:
Ryan Cipriani is the independent author behind the fantasy humor saga “The Mythical, Mystical, Magnificent Adventures of Krög: the Battle Prince.” Apart from Krög’s saga, Ryan has written a number of horror and sci-fi stories, and was a lead writer on the ill-fated online pulp fiction magazine ’The Lemonade Stand Massacre.’ He volunteers for ‘EveryLibrary’ to protect libraries and books from bans in the U.S. and is an ardent supporter of libraries as a community space where all are welcome.

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