The People Of Elegant Literature

Creag Munroe

Founder, Editor

Creag is a writing coach and an avid reader who inhales novels at an alarming rate, preferring SF/F as the main staple of his diet. He resides in Toronto, Canada, but swims with sharks and motorcycles in monsoons whenever duty allows.

Creag started Elegant Literature to address the problems he saw for new writers in the short fiction market. He is extremely proud of what the business has accomplished so far, and the positive sentiments shared by the community mean the world to him.

He is the only full-time employee and currently takes no salary.

Megan Becker

Community Manager

Megan has known since the age of seven that she wanted to be a writer.  After a two-decade writing hiatus, Megan‘s short story “Going for the Gold” won the Elegant Literature contest in the “All that Glitters” issue of the magazine. She loves reading most fiction genres, though her favorite to read and write is contemporary romance. Her first novel, Coffee Dates, will soon be available, and she has another waiting in the wings. Megan‘s best piece of advice is to silence your internal editor when writing your first draft—let the words flow, and clean them up later!

Ryan Cipriani

Outreach Manager & AuthorHQ Challenge Coordinator

Ryan Cipriani is the independent author behind the fantasy humor saga “The Mythical, Mystical, Magnificent Adventures of Krög: the Battle Prince.” Apart from Krög’s saga, Ryan has written a number of horror and sci-fi stories, and was a lead writer on the ill-fated online pulp fiction magazine ’The Lemonade Stand Massacre.’ He volunteers for ‘EveryLibrary’ to protect libraries and books from bans in the U.S. and is an ardent supporter of libraries as a community space where all are welcome.

Eóin Dooley

Preliminary Reader

Eóin Dooley (he/him) is a writer from central Ireland. Having completed a master’s in cognitive science and philosophy, he turned to creative fiction, primarily to stave off a PhD. He has been published four times with Elegant Literature, in the Tricky Time, Open Road, Fearless Friendship, and Killer Instinct editions. Since then, he has sold multiple short stories, as well as his urban fantasy novella, No Sympathy, which is forthcoming with Android Press. He has also acted as first reader for The Dread Machine magazine. His mastodon handle is @eoindooley@mastodon.ie.

Emma Burnett

Preliminary Reader

Emma Burnett is a researcher and writer. She has had stories in Mythaxis, Northern Gravy, Apex, Radon, Utopia, MetaStellar, Milk Candy Review, Elegant Literature, Roi Fainéant, The Sunlight Press, Rejection Letters, and more. You can find her @slashnburnett, @slashnburnett.bsky.social, or emmaburnett.uk.

Synnöve Godeseth

Preliminary Reader

Synnöve Godeseth (was born and raised) in the South West of England. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in English Literature and interned with magazines including Dazed & Confused, Good Housekeeping and SFX. She worked (and wrote) for local papers & radio stations for a number of years, but moved into Film & TV Production working on many large scale features and TV shows. She now freelances as a Producer and Production Manager. Reading and reviewing scripts is an integral part of her everyday work – most recently she produced a selection of short films for Neill Blomkamp and she is currently working with the Hallmark Channel.