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Imagine a world where every time you put pen to paper you’re backed by the wisdom of industry-leading authors, agents, and editors.

A place where the confusion of the publishing world dissolves, replaced by clear, actionable steps tailored for you.

Welcome to that world.

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Writing isn’t just about talent—it’s about the right guidance, understanding the industry’s nuances, and being part of a community that fuels your passion.

The online world is flooded with advice, but how much of it comes from those who’ve actually made it big? And how often do you get to directly interact with these pros without breaking the bank?

Elegant Literature started off as a fiction magazine and award for new writers, but just being another place to get published wasn’t enough to help new writers succeed.

So we became a community, and then an education hub where emerging talent can rub shoulders with seasoned experts.

Our members have gone on to become multi-published authors, through both self-publishing and selling their work traditionally.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or have been writing for years, this is your home to grow a writing family, gain confidence while improving your craft, and achieve your storytelling dreams.

So in addition to submitting to the magazine and joining the community, here are some of the trainings available to you:

Scene Critique Masterclass

with C.S. Lakin (8 hours)

Actionable Agent Advice

with Kaitlyn Katsoupis (4 hours)

Self Pub Prep

with Ryan Cipriani (5 hours)

Funny Business

with Shiv Ramdas (3 hours)

And so many more.

Imagine how much you would pay to learn from all these experts individually...

$1000? $5000?

Put them in a school and you have a $30,000 MFA program.

That’s a lot of money (and it’s crazy people are willing to pay it!)

I don’t know many writers with that kind of cash. We’re called starving artists for a reason!

So we’re going to do things a bit different here.

But it gets better...

You'll get a few special bonuses when you join today.

Bonus #1:

Unlimited entries to the $3000 award

Every single month we give a $3k award to one new author. Other writing contests charge as much as $25 for a single entry, but not us.

Bonus #2:

"Better-than-a-blog" articles

In-depth, practical instruction with the sole purpose of making you a better storyteller and seeing your work in print. 

Bonus #2:

"Better-than-a-blog" articles

In-depth, practical instruction with the sole purpose of making you a better storyteller and seeing your work in print. 

Bonus #3:

Author Mindset Mastery Course

Used to be $80, now you get it for free.

Bonus #4:

An invitation to our Community Workshop

Writers helping writers. Be placed in a small group of 5 for dedicated support, and participate in our group discussion and writing games.

Bonus #4:

An invitation to our Community Workshop

Writers helping writers. Be placed in a small group of 5 for dedicated support, and participate in our group discussion and writing games.

Bonus #5:

Award-winning Short Story Master Checklist

Readers have used it for both short stories and novels. Used to be $24, now it’s free.

And yes, there's a guarantee.

Here’s the deal. You get immediate access to dozens of hours of expert instructions and nearly everything I’ve learned running Elegant Literature. As you can imagine, it’s easy for someone to sign up, consume everything, then ask for a refund.

No bueno.

Normally I don’t offer refunds at all, but because you’ve stuck with me this far you must be interested, and I want to make this as painless as possible. If you join us today, from this page, and change your mind, just send me an email within 24 hours. Easy done.

Okay, price time.

Obviously, it’s not a $30,000 MFA program.

And since our mission is to help new writers, my colleagues above aren’t charging me as much as they could for sharing their knowledge.

So it won’t be $5000.

Or even $1000.

$500 would be a fair price (but it’s not that either).

So here’s how much it will be to invest in top quality training for your writing career…

(okay, one more testimonial first)

Between myself and the others listed above, we have decades of combined experience.

All distilled down into value-packed lessons for you.

Not too mention a few $100 worth of bonuses I’m including.

Plus a few more surprises I haven’t told you about yet.

So if you’re hoping this is affordable, but worried it will be too much…

How does 88 cents a day sound?

Everything on this page is yours, for 27 bucks a month.

Join for a single month or become one of our long-term authors, totally up to you.

Not only are you investing in yourself, but through the magazine and award your money is directly supporting new writers around the world.

If 27 dollars is still a financial hardship, send me an email and we can talk about it. But if you think it’s a fair price for everything you’re getting, I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Ready to invest in your writing career…
and yourself?

Here are your options:

Oh, did you think that was it?

Many contests fund their prizes through submission fees, which can be $10-$25 per story. We fund our prizes and the magazine through memberships, which allows us to provide you maximum value for the minimum price. Unlimited submissions, plus community, plus education, for the cost of one submission elsewhere. You can always switch to the free membership during months you don’t plan to submit.

Membership fees are used to pay the winners, purchase work from writers like yourself, and produce the magazine. Excess money is used to increase future prize value and buy greater quantities of work in accordance with our goal of promoting new authors.

No. You can have a free membership and submit work to the magazine. Only contest entries required a paid membership.

Anyone, worldwide (excluding Quebec), can enter the contest as long as they are an Elegant+ member and are 13 years of age or older, though we ask professional authors not to enter.

We have a supportive community who are happy to collaborate and provide feedback.

Contests close at 11:59 pm EST on the last day of each month.

Part of our mission is to promote new talent, so we ask authors with certain levels of publication history not to enter.

Please do not submit work if you have:

a) traditionally published a novel of greater than 40,000 words,

b) self-published a novel of greater than 40,000 words and sold 100+ copies,

c) sold four or more works of short fiction to markets paying 8c/word or greater,

d) self-published short fiction work totalling 10,000 words or more, with profits in excess of $500.

e) won a fiction contest with a prize greater than $2,500.

Published authors can still join the community and participate in the Community Workshops.

If you have not met any of the thresholds above, you are considered a new writer in the eyes of Elegant Literature, and are eligible to enter the contest and submit to the magazine.

Hi! My name is Creag Munroe. The next section will explain who I am.

Who the heck is creag munroe?

I am a fiction contest judge and storytelling coach for new writers.

I help them develop the mindset of a professional author and write books faster without sacrificing quality.

Through Elegant Literature, I have published more than 150 new authors and paid over $50,000 to emerging talent.

“Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”
— Robin Moore

Is there anything truer? I’ve worked with engineers, doctors, and high school students, and the one thing they have in common is a desire to tell stories.

So, here’s a bit about me:

I’m a normal person. I’m not special in any way. The only thing that sets me apart is my consistent dedication to studying fiction and creativity, and making it my mission to help new writers see their work published.

Stories were my passion growing up.

I devoured novels at an alarming rate after I received Harry Potter as a gift on my 8th birthday. It didn’t take long before writing became my hobby.

But life always got in the way.

I’d stop for years at a time. Whenever I’d pick up the (metaphorical) pen, I was frustrated with my slow pace, overwhelmed by the knowledge it would take months or years to write a book, and depressed at the poor odds for becoming a successful author.

I’d stop, and focus on more “profitable” careers.

  • I attended university, but dropped out

  • I tended bar, but was unfulfilled

  • I got a degree in creative advertising (a kind of storytelling), but never used it

  • I started a few businesses but my heart wasn’t in them

  • I even sold credit cards on commission (I know, I’m the devil and I regret that one most of all).

This list hurts me. Yet at the same time it taught me A LOT about what is actually necessary to succeed.

From my failures, I am now working in the industry I love, immersed in stories and the people who create them.

It’s given me the opportunity to study prolific authors and how great stories work from different perspectives.

It’s given me the understanding of what it takes to be successful, and how to accelerate the process so you don’t need to spend years writing a story that gets rejection after rejection.

It’s afforded me the chance to work with dozens of new writers.

Starting Elegant Literature was the culmination of a years long dream to run a short fiction publication, but it quickly grew into so much more. It’s become a community, a place for new writers to learn and grow together. It’s taken more work than expected, but the pride I take in having built something positive for the writing industry wildly outweighs the effort.

I’m humbled and honored at the gratitude expressed in the testimonials above, and I’m thrilled at the impact we’ve had so far. I only hope to increase how many authors we publish as time rolls on!

So, if you’ve stuck with it and read all the way down here, I do hope you’ll make the jump and join us on the other side.

To your success,
Creag Munroe

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We are a magazine on a mission to help new writers get their work into the world — and get paid for it.

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Expert Advice — actionable techniques to improve your writing, storytelling, creativity, and motivation to get you into the mindset of a professional author.

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