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award, magazine, community, & school, all in one.

Courses, Series, & single trainings

Taught by Hugo, Locus, Nebula, Stoker, NOMMO, and Best of the Net award-winning authors, agents, editors, and more.

Unlock weekly live sessions and 40+ hours of recorded lessons.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

  • Master the business of storytelling: Go from beginner to advanced techniques in writing, storytelling, and publishing, guided by our roster of industry professionals.
  • Access experienced writing coaches: Get on a first-name basis with your favorite authors thanks to our small group live-trainings.
  • Join the next generation of emerging authors: Surround yourself with a supportive community to celebrate wins and help you grow.

By joining us, you’ll be able to cultivate a writing life that jumpstarts your career.

What do our members think?

On a mission to help emerging authors now

An impactful, positive force to change the publishing world for the better.

$150,000 Paid

into the hands of new authors.

Over 300 stories published.

All by emerging talent earning their first few professional writing credits.

Monthly Award

$3000 awarded every month.

32+ winners to date.

2+ authors winning on their very first submission, anywhere.

Fast Turnaround

1 month response.

Resell your story 2 months after publication.

Always open for subs.

more than just education

$3000 Award

One of the largest awards open to unpublished writers and closed to professionals.

  • Every single month: Not annually – monthly. And no 6 month judging periods either. Know the results fast.

  • Unlimited entries: Some contests charge as much as $25 per submission, but not us.

  • All Genres: Every month has a theme and a prompt to get your imagination going, but you can always write the story you want to tell.

  • Honorable Mentions: 35 writers receive money every month.

Community Workshop

Get support, celebrate wins, and grow together with the next generation of fiction authors.

  • Choose your feedback: Separate areas for Only Nice Things and Tear It To Shreds

  • Historical Database: We log all questions and interesting discussions, so you can learn from conversations in years past

  • White-glove writing groups: We’ll place you in a small, dedicated group of 5 according to your preferences. Fully managed by us, just write

  • Grow your socials: Connect with members via our social media spreadsheet and build an audience together

Exclusive Bonuses

We’re always evolving and looking for new ways to help emerging authors.

  • Partner discounts: $400+ in savings on editors and services like Scrivener and ProWritingAid

  • Meet the editor: The editor participates in the community and trainings, and answers your questions

  • Free ebook: The Award-Winning Short Story Master Checklist has helped hundreds improve their fiction

  • Support the revolution: Directly help make the publishing world a more welcoming place for budding talent. Have a say in what we do next

Your Story Starts Here

Education. Community. Publication.

What's inside?


Actionable Agent Advice with Kaitlyn Katsoupis (4 hours)

Funny Business: The Craft of Humor Writing with Shiv Ramdas (3 hours)

Self Pub Prep with Ryan Cipriani (5 hours)

Author Mindset Mastery with Creag Munroe (3 hours)

The Art of Horror with Christi Nogle (3 hours)

Scene Critique Masterclass with C.S. Lakin (10 hours)

Using Ads To Become A Bestseller with Andy Peloquin (3 hours)

Choose Your Adventure

How To Make Money Writing – Chris Fielden

Publishing for Non-Pros – Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki

New Writer Hurdles – Somto Izehue

Self-publishing The Right Way – Ben Galley

Self-Pub Prep Course – Ryan Cipriani

Strong Marketing Foundations – Ben Galley

Marketing Strategies for Authors 101 – Tao Wong

Promotional Planning and Publishing Schedules – Tao Wong

Email Marketing for Authors – Richie Billing

Using Ads to Become A Bestseller – Andy Peloquin

Using Kickstarter as an Author – Ben Galley

Writing & Publishing Short Fiction – A.C. Wise

Actionable Agent Advice Course – Kaitlyn Katsoupis

Understanding Contracts – Peter McLean

Flash fiction & Art of Short Stories – Chris Fielden

On Chaos and Short Stories – Ai Jiang

Scene Critique Masterclass – C.S. Lakin

Starting Strong: Fantastic Opening Lines – Lindz McLeod

The 4 Throughlines – Jim Hull

Creating Characters with Depth – A.C. Wise

3 Levels of Stakes For Reader Investment – Hannah Yang

Writing Fight Scenes – Tao Wong

Finding The Voice: First Person POV – Jordan Kurella

Rare POVs Case Study – Hannah Yang

Radical Candor – Bharat Krishnan

Funny Business Course – Shiv Ramdas

Fantasy Worldbuilding – Ben Galley

LORE: Using Past to Build Future – Bharat Krishnan

Non Nom Nom: Food in Fiction – Bharat Krishnan

Complex Magic Design – John Bierce

Science-inspired Fantasy Worldbuilding – John Bierce

Effective Research for Worldbuilding – John Bierce

Horror Aesthetics Series – Christi Nogle

… and many more. Want a lesson on something specific? Let us know! We want the AuthorHQ to teach you everything you need for a long and successful career.


Is Elegant Literature a big company?

Nope. Just one person who wants to make a difference in the writing world.

So who is running things?

Hey, I’m Creag.

I’m a fiction publisher determined to help emerging talent succeed. I study storytelling and creativity and share what I learn to make us all more productive authors and better humans.

I started Elegant Literature to address the problems I saw for new writers in the short fiction market. What began as a magazine and award quickly grew into a community and an education hub.

I work on EL full-time but currently take no salary. All profits are used to fund the magazine, the award, and pay our educators.

Is this only for short fiction?

Not at all. The Elegant Literature magazine and Award For New Writers is for short stories only, but few authors want to exclusively write shorts for a living. The AuthorHQ focuses on all aspects of writing, storytelling, and publishing, and leans more towards novel-length work.

Any success stories?

Several members of our community have gone on to publish anthologies, novellas, and novels, in both traditional and self-publishing. Dozens more have had flash and short fiction published in numerous other magazines and websites.

Elegant Literature is just starting its third year of operation, so we hope to see many more writers find success through our resources.

What are the live sessions like?

Live trainings are hosted nearly every week on Zoom. Depending on the instructor and the topic covered, they can be presentations followed by Q&A, workshops with active participation through writing exercises, or ask-me-anything discussions. Regardless of the format, they are always fascinating and fun.

All sessions are recorded and edited for ease-of-viewing. You can pause to complete the writing exercises and learn from participants’ questions.

Are trainings only for “new writers”?

Not at all. Lessons vary from 101-level basics up to fairly advanced material. We want to help even brand-new writers become professional authors, but if you’re already intermediate to advanced there is still plenty you’ll enjoy.

Wait, I have a question you didn’t address!

No problem! Until I start getting spammed by internet bots, you can send me an email with anything you want to know at creag@elegantliterature[.]com

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