Unlock hours of live trainings by industry experts.

Learn from in-depth articles, quick lessons, and longer courses. Here's what you'll receive:

Scene Critique Masterclass

with C.S. Lakin (8 hours)

Actionable Agent Advice

with Kaitlyn Katsoupis (4 hours)

Self Pub Prep

with Ryan Cipriani (5 hours)

And so many more.

Imagine how much you would pay to learn from all these experts individually...

$1000? $5000?

Put them in a school and you have a $30,000 MFA program.
That’s a lot of money (and it’s crazy people are willing to pay it!)

I don’t know any writers with that kind of cash. We’re called starving artists for a reason!

I’m fed up with gatekeeping education. I didn’t start a business to help new writers only to try and eke out every penny they have. So we’re going to do things a bit different here.

But it get's better...

You'll get a few special bonuses when you join today.

Bonus #1:

Author Mindset Mastery Course
with me (3 hours)

Used to be $80, now you get it for free.

Bonus #2:

Access to all my "better-than-a-blog" articles

In-depth, practical instruction with the sole purpose of making you a better storyteller and seeing your work in print. I’ve been told my emails alone are worth $10/month, and these are 6x better.

Bonus #3:

Unlimited entries to the $3000 award

Every single month I give a $3k award to one new author. Other writing contests charge as much as $25 for a single entry, but not us.

Bonus #4:

An invitation to our Community Workshop

Writers helping writers. Be placed in a small group of 5 for dedicated support, and participate in our group discussion and writing games.

Bonus #5:

My Award-winning Short Story Master Checklist

My readers have used it for both short stories and novels.
Used to be $24, now it’s free.

And yes, there's a guarantee.

Here’s the deal. You get immediate access to dozens of hours of expert instructions and nearly everything I’ve learned running Elegant Literature. As you can imagine, it’s easy for someone to sign up, consume everything, then ask for a refund.

No bueno.

Normally I don’t offer refunds at all, but because you’ve stuck with me this far you must be interested, and I want to make this as painless as possible. If you join us today, from this page, and change your mind, just send me an email within 48 hours. Easy done.

Okay, price time.

Obviously, it’s not a $30,000 MFA program.

And since our mission is to help new writers, my colleagues above aren’t charging me as much as they could for sharing their knowledge.

So it won’t be $5000.

Or even $1000.

I’d say $500 would be a fair price (but it’s not that either).

So here’s how much it will be to invest in top quality training for your writing career…

(okay, one more testimonial first)

Between myself and the others listed above, we have decades of combined experience.

All distilled down into value-packed lessons for you.

Not too mention a few $100 worth of bonuses I’m including.

Plus a few more surprises I haven’t told you about yet.

So if you’re hoping this is affordable, but worried it will be too much…

How does 88 cents a day sound?

I’d give it to you for free if I didn’t have to eat food or sleep in a bed (or pay our fantastic educators).

Everything on this page is yours, for 27 bucks a month.

Join for a single month or become one of our long-term authors, totally up to you.

Not only are you investing in yourself, but through the magazine and award your money is directly supporting new writers around the world.

If 27 dollars is still a financial hardship, send me an email and we can talk about it. But if you think it’s a fair price for everything you’re getting, I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

To your success,
Creag Munroe

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